Enjoy the Sirens

Sounds for Kurzweil - Programs & Setups

Sound sets are available : Floyd, Queen, Springsteen, Synth Rock & more. Malc - 2022

Enjoy the Sirens sounds

Kurzweil live sounds

I have some of my own programs and setups/multi's for sale.
  • Each Setup/Multi and Program is unique, specially designed and comes with helpful info.
  • Programs use only VAST and built-in waveforms, NO external/additional samples are used.
  • Programs are compatible with PC3, PC3K & PC3A. For K2700, Forte, PC4, PC3LE, SP4 please email me for more info.

How to buy:

Please email me for my pricelist and to discuss which sounds you might like. I also do custom sounds though there is a waiting list.

soundinfo at enjoythesirens.com as shown in the image:

Email 'soundinfo' at this domain enjoythesirens.com

Payment & Delivery:

I accept PayPal in GBP, Euros, $USD, $CAD, and $AUD. I pay all the fees, you just pay for the sounds. The sounds are sent via email within 24 hours - immediately if I am online. I'm happy to help with loading or other technical questions.

How to transfer Programs and Setups to the Kurzweil:

I'm preparing a guide how to transfer files and sounds to the Kurzweil PC3.

In the meantime, for info about Storage Mode please visit Kurzweil.com:

- Kurzweil knowledgebase Storage Mode (external link) - Loading User Data via USB

- Or the main page to find your keyboard (external link) - Kurzweil downloads

- See the PC3 Musicians Guide Storage Mode page 13-1

- Download the PDF from Kurzweil (external link) - PC3 Musicians Guide

More help with Kurzweil coming in the future.