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Kurzweil sounds - Programs & Setups

Welcome to Enjoy the Sirens.
This site showcases famous synthesizer sounds, made as faithfully as possible on a Kurzweil PC3.
Email me to buy soundsets. Sounds for Roland Jupiter X coming soon! Malc - 2021

Kurzweil PC3 with 'stunning lead' quote

Kurzweil Programs - Faithfully modelling sounds and synths from famous songs.

"Your demos sound incredible" - Lesley, Spain

"Seriously as a cynical pro player for over twenty years, I was blown away by the quality of your sounds.
They majorly influenced me to buy a Kurzweil after years of playing 'the other three'." - Matt, UK

Blade Runner - April Fools demo - Made 100% on PC3, synthesized using VAST - no samples!
Blade Runner
20 VAST sounds & FX

My April Fools joke on Gearslutz, claiming the original soundtrack intro was done on an early Kurzweil. Fake studio photo and link here.

Shine On 1975 - Historic synth intro demo - Detailed sound analysis, 5 years in the making.
Pink Floyd
Shine On Intro
-'75 album version
Pink Floyd
Shine On Re-Mix
-Riding the faders
Pink Floyd
Household Objects
-Full, High End version

All made in VAST. The Intro is played live from a single PC3 (inc synths, wine glasses, whisks, cow, ice rain, tinkle, bass, some HomeObjects and a Rick Wright-style Moog synth lead). The Re-mix is sequenced using the PC3 sliders to fade in the parts. Home Objects is a prototype with further added detail.

"I have wasted money on [other] Pink Floyd patches that are appalling! Your sounds are magnificent"
- Justin - England / USA

"I have to say that the "Shine On" Setup is incredible! Loaded it into my PC3K8 and it sounds fabulous!"
- Dieter, Germany

'80s sounds - short demos - All synths & effects created on Kurzweil PC3 (external DAW used only for recording)
Crocketts Theme
- Jp Bass, Strs, FM koto, FairVoice
Sweet Dreams
- Ju, Jp, OB analog synths
Duran Duran
Save a Prayer
- JP arpeggio & lead
I Want to Know What Love Is
- Synclavier hi/lo chimes, strings
The Final Countdown
- All sounds inc FM brass JX8P
Fade to Grey
- Polymoog str, bass, CR78, extras
Killing Joke
Love Like Blood
- Intro guitar & chords
Its Gonna Get...
- Bass, Organ, Lead
Queen - WINNER
Radio Ga Ga
- Winner on ksetlist.com
Dire Straits
Walk of Life
- Just one keyboard!
Cutting Crew
(I Just) Died In Your Arms
- Violas&voices

All recordings on this site re-work short parts of original songs to demonstrate my sounds in context.

"They are fantastic, especially the Horn, much better than my old final Countdown Sound. Awesome!" - MW, Germany

"THE SOUND IS GREAT beautiful job !!!!" - Luigi, Italy

Famous synths, individual sounds - Short demos - Programs made using the PC3's built in synthesis (VAST)
'80s Digital Synth
Stuck O Heathen
- Classic sparkly keys
Solina Strings
- Prototype. Full model coming.
Fairlight CMI
Fairlight Voices
- Sara / ARR1 (breathy voice)

The Fairlight Sara voice uses 14 layers of VAST and a combination of additive and subtractive synthesis.

"All of the sounds are SO close to the originals,
even more astounding considering the Kurz has no analog filters ..." - Soren, Germany

"Even my girlfriend listened to every sound on your site, and while she normally just humors me,
she was just as excited as I was" - Jeff, NY USA 

Kurzweil Setups - LIVE : Playing synth sounds from famous '80s songs.

'80s sounds - LIVE setups - Short demos
Gary Numan
Cars (live)
- Minimoog, Polymoog. Update soon
Pink Floyd
Take It Back (live)
- Intro E-bow
Van Halen
Jump (live)
- Oberheim OBXa main synth
Elka Synthex
Laser Harp (live)
Jarre's "Synthex" harp
Mama (live)
- Synclavier lead. Update coming
Duran Duran
Hungry Like the Wolf
- Arpeggio, '70s Strs
Deep Note (live)
- 32 layer pad

More sounds for PC3 under development.

"I listened to your demos.... wow. Knocks me off my feet" - Norbert, Austria

"You've really captured the soul of these signature vintage sounds!!!!!!" - Richard, Texas

Artist Song Sounds Demo
Toto Africa - CS80 brass, Kalimba, drums


Elton John The Last Song - Flute Chime
Genesis Home by the Sea - Synclavier voices (2nd type)

Genesis Follow You - Organ, lead

Genesis Hold On My Heart - Lovely synth pad

Phil Collins In the Air Tonight - Exact P5 pad


Springsteen Several! - Tougher, Born, Dancing etc


Queen Several! - Break Free, Bites, Vision, etc


Pink floyd Run - Prophet 5 Sync lead

Steve Miller Band Fly Like an Eagle - Intro lead, space echoes


Ed Sheeran Shape of You - Pure perc

Faithless Insomnia - Main riff Pizz'


('80s various) (Digital stack sounds) - SpaciousKeys, Liquid Stack, etc

('80s various) (Famous presets) - Fantasy, Spacial Sweet, OK Chordial


Jackson Beat It - Synclavier Gong, syn piano

Les Miserables The Chain Gang - DX7 FM hard piano sound

Go West We Close - Brass TEST - Prototype PPG brass


Coldplay Sky Full of Stars - Piano, Synth, Guit, extras

"These sounds are so amazingly good" - Valentin, Germany

"I got it! - It works! - It's beautiful!" - Stig, Norway